Want A Regenerative Future? We’ll Need Regenerative Humans, First.

philip horváth
3 min readDec 13, 2023


I never thought I could do this at work,” he expressed with a sense of wonder. “What,” I inquired, somewhat baffled, “breathe?”

We had just wrapped up a morning session in an intrapreneurs training at a major corporation. Here, I unveiled aspects of my morning routine, designed to activate the body, center emotions through breathwork, and calm the mind. This preparation was vital for being fully present, to not be overrun by thoughts but to actively think our thoughts.

The turnout was impressive, indicating a strong desire among participants to enhance their state for work. This interest might have been sparked by a mantra I shared from LUMAN:

“Extreme performance requires extreme self-care.”

High-level creativity demands systems of support for recuperation and active rest — a concept of self-care that is often misunderstood or seen as selfish.

The Cost of Neglecting Self-Care

Unfortunately, many people spend their days driven by external demands — family, bosses, colleagues, clients. This relentless external focus can lead to depression and burnout.

A striking example of this was a school friend, recently hospitalized for severe depression and burnout. He had dedicated himself to others while “depressing” his needs, a behavior analogous to holding a beach ball underwater — it’s exhausting.

Self-Care as a Path to Authenticity

Active self-care is the first step towards authenticity and self-authorship. It’s a cornerstone for living a self-directed life and is essential for our collective future.

Presently, many are trapped in a cycle of fulfilling obligations and numbing their exhaustion through consumption, a pattern contributing to environmental devastation. We’re facing a changing planet, with regular occurrences of natural disasters. While debates about our role in these changes persist, the need for creative solutions to ensure a sustainable human existence is undeniable.

Consumption: A Double-Edged Sword

Our society has been driven by a “Century of Self,” focused on maximizing input rather than output. This has led to an overemphasis on consumption, leaving people depleted of life energy. However, life energy is replenished by participating in life and creating value for others.

The Essence of Regenerative Living

A regenerative future necessitates regenerative humans. To create a world where everyone’s needs are met and life is in harmony with nature, it begins with individual self-care. Simple practices, like morning moments for oneself and better decompression methods in the evening, can create significant impact.

Your energy levels are key. What activities fuel you? What fills your tank? From nutrition and hydration to creating safe, relaxing spaces, there are numerous ways to enhance your well-being.

We teach intrapreneurs and change-makers these principles, as creating new paths often involves challenging existing systems. It’s crucial, especially then, to prioritize self-care in order to create the required resilience.

You Matter — Even at Work

And yes, you can practice self-care at work. In many ways, work is an ideal place for personal development. For now, remember:

Your life is important. Your joy is important. By taking care of yourself, you’re taking care of life.

As a regenerative human, you have the power to create a regenerative future.

The future belongs to those who create it. What kind of future can you envision? For yourself, for your organization, for the planet?

Connect with me through LUMAN or http://philiphorvath.com and let’s create the future together.



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